Aeronautical Services Inc. is a Florida corporation that was founded in 1994, primarily as a purchasing company for goods and services for existing overseas companies that operate American manufactured equipment around the world. We have forged ahead with creating the relationships with different aviation companies necessary for the required levels of expertise.

We are proud of the fact that many different entities are flying today and performing their duties due to our experience level and ability to get the job done.



UnitecUniversel Technologies/Unitec Inc. is a Florida Corporation that was founded in 1997. While the name of UNITEC is known throughout Europe, Africa and the Midde East as a company that can accomplish the task, it is also known by many US corporations that rely on their working knowledge of how to operate and do business in different countries. UNITEC relies on its personal relationships and vast expertise in the business world to open the door for many US companies.

If you are thinking of doing business in a foreign country, and need some assistance, just give us a call.